František Jakab

Academic degrees:
Ing., PhD.
Job Title:
Assistant professor
Head of Computer Engineering Group
jakab at
+421 55 602 3213
+421 55 63 301 15

Technical University of Košice

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

Department of Computers and Informatics

Letná 9

042 00  Košice

Slovak Republic

Consulting hours:  Friday 13.00-15.00

  • Computer networks
  • Computer networks construction and configuration
Research  interests
  • Computer networks and their maintenance
  • Measurement, monitoring and evaluation of quality of service (QoS) parameters
  • New forms of communication based on multimedia
  • E-learning systems, intelligent tutoring systems
  • Open learning and distance education
  • Forum for comunication technologies (since 1997) (directorial in aplication section)
  • Directorial of networking laboratory (since 1998)
  • Expert group for informatization FEI TU in Košice
    • Chairman in Organization commision and a member of program commision in international conferences: ISTEP 2000, ICETA 2001, 2003, 2004 (International Conference on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies and Applications, Košice, Slovak Republic)
  • Chairman in organization commision and a member of program commision in international symposiums ATMTU 1999, ATMTU 2000 (Košice) and SYDANET 2000, 2001 (Banská Bystrica)
  • Member of program commision “International Conference on Intelligent Multimedia and Distance Education, 2002, Fargo, USA
  • Member of program commision in BELCOM'02, 03, 04 conference „Building effective learning communities“, Prague
  • Member of program commision “3rd International workshop on Virtual University“, , March 17 – 19 2002, Bratislava
  • [2003 - 2004] „Information and comunication technologies" - Prognosis of development and using of science and engeneering into 2015, Identification of trends in development of science and engeneering in SR, Bratislava, FEI STU - Prognostic department SAS - member of project teamr
  • 2003 – 2005] Assignment of state research and development "Utilization IKT technolgies and networking platforms of new generation in education", Ministry of education in Slovak republic - member of project team
  • [2004] „E-learning as a way for achieve of working abilities in department of information technologies“, Grant scheme of developing of human resources through preventive and individuál active arrangemenst for unemployed, National burreau of work, - co-ordinator of partnership institution
  • [2003 - 2004] Enhancing regional ICT cluster for regional development (ERIC), Jyväskylä Polytechnic, Finland - member of project team
  • [1999- ] Project Networaking academic program Cisco – co-ordinator for Slovak republic
  • [2002 - 2003] „VRVS-SK” - WEB oriented videocnferencing technology for academical Slovakia. Central projeck MŠ iniciated VŠ - Scientific garant and developer of partnership institution
  • [2003-2005] Leonardo da Vinci projekt eEDUSER, No SK/02/B/F/PP/142256, „Efficient E-Learning Network Services Establishment for Education without Borders” – co-ordinator of project
  • [2002 – 2003] Project „IP telefonia for academical sphere in SR“ – co-ordinator
  • [2002-2004] Leonardo da Vinci projekt „EVI“ - national coordinator and member of project team
  • [2001 – 2004] „Remote Packet Capturing as Basis for Internet Quality-of-Service Measurements“ – international project of bilateral co-operation between KPI FEI TU and Fraunhofer institute in Berin– responsible member of project team
  • [2001-2002] Leonardo da Vinci project DEPSIS, SK/99/2/07003/PI/II.1.1.c/FPC – co-ordinator
  • [1999-2001] Leonardo da Vinci project TELEHUMAN, SK/98/2/06320/PI/II.1.1.c/CONT - co-ordinator
  • [1999-2001] VEGA 1/6237/99 Projecting and managing of informating Broadband networks: developmnet adjunctive information systems and facilities – directorial member of project team
  • [1998-2000] „Managing of ATM networks. Development and operation of common experimental and developing center“, Project: Contract about product num. 01 1999 0191 between ST, a.s. and FEI TU, Košice, Assistant of responsible co-ordinator
  • [1998] „Conception of virtual university“ - ST, š.p. “, Contract about product num. 0119980034 between ST, š.p. and FEI TU Košice – co-ordinator of assignment
  • [1998] Conception of building an integrated IS ST, a.s., Bratislava - member of project team
  • [1997] conception of development IT ST š.p. (Information strategy ST š.p. - Building IIS ST š.p.) - member of project team
  • [1996-1997] „Administration of metropolitan and WAN Broadband networks from IT glance“, project of cooperation ST, a.s. - contract about product num. 011997/0125 between FEI TU Košice and ST š.p. Bratislava, - responsible member of project team
  • [1997-1998] Project TIP - Technology of integration projects, Slovenské telekomunikácie ST, a.s. – Contract about product num. 0119980033, Košice – directorial member of project team
  • [1993-1996] Project of Hospital information system in Železnicna hospital with health care Košice – Responsible member of project team
  • [1989-1990] Model of vector processor, Project of co-operatrion with practice - HZ 008/RC/1989, Košice - member of project team
  • [1988-1991] Architecture of specialized computer "data flow", State researching assignment num. III-8-3/121 - member of project team
  • [1986-1988] „Unconvencial principles of adaptation information“, State researching assignment num. III-8-3/12-1 - member of project team


  • Jakab, F. - Birmon, V.: Construction of Computers (in Slovak Language)
    Practice guide. Alfa, Bratislava 1990, s. 176.
  • Jakab, F.: Broadband Networks
    Elfa, s.r.o., Project TELEHUMAN (SK/98/2/06420/PI/II.1.1.c/CONT). Leonardo da Vinci - Supported by European Commission DG XXII, JECL 7/34. 170p
  • Jakab, F. a kol.: „Dictionary of the networking phrases“ (in Slovak Language)
    Enclosure in the PC REVUE magazine, c. 6., 2001, Copyright Cisco Systems Inc., 56 str.
  • Jakab, F.; Babol, M.; Cižmár, A.: TEchnology of IPv6 and abilities of its loading (in Slovak Language)
    First edition, Košice, elfa, s.r.o., 2003, 106 pp., ISBN 80-89066-68-2
Editor of symposiums text-books
  • ICETA 2003 - 2nd International Conference on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies and Applications and the 4th Conference on Virtual University, Conference Proceedings, Košice, elfa, 2003, 492 pp., ISBN-80-89066-67-4
  • ICETA 2001 - International Conference on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies and Applications. Step Towards the Information Society of the Future. 17 – 19 October 2001, Košice, Slovakia, 352pp., ISBN 80-89066-06-2
  • SYDANET 2002 – Symposium on Data Networks and Services in Practice of Slovenské telekomunikácie, a.s. Banská Bystrica, 24.-25.9. 2002, 193pp., ISBN 80-89066-4307
  • Sympózium SYDANET 2001 (Data networks and services in practice of Slovak telecom), B. Bystrica, 28.-29. marec 2001, 158str., ISBN 80-88964-83-0
  • Sympózium SYDANET 2000 (Data networks and services in practice of Slovak telecom), B. Bystrica, 22.-23. februára 2000, 125str., ISBN 80-88964-32-6
  • ISTEP 2000 - International Symposium on Telemedicine and Teleeducation in Practice, 22 – 24 March 2000, Košice, Slovakia, 346 pp., ISBN 80-88964-38-5.
  • ATMTU 2000 – ATM Technology Users Symposium with International Participation. 13 – 15 September 2000, Košice, Slovakia, 220pp, ISBN 80 ...............



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