Milan Jelšina,

Full professor

Head of Department of Computers and Informatics 

University of Technology in Košice

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and informatics

Department of Computers and Informatics

Letná 9/B

041 02 Košice



tel.: +421 +95 399065, 602 2576

Milan Jelšina (Prof, Ing, CSc), received the Ing (MSc) degree in 1959 in Automation and Telemechanics from Electrotechnical fakulty of LIIZT of Sankt Petersburg. Till 1964 he was employed as engineer at the Projekt Division of the Automation of Railway Trasport Company in Kosice. Since 1964 he has been with the University of Technology in Košice. He received the CSc (PhD) degree from the Institute of Information and Automation Theory at the Czechoslovak Academy of Science, Prague, in 1969, and was appointed Associative Professor and Full Professor for Technical Cybernetics and Electronic computers in 1972 and 1982, respectively. His research activity was concentrated on hybrid computer systems and computer means of robot control systems. Currently he has oriented towards parallel computer architectures and supercomputers, data flow systems and their application at the virtual reality problem solving and at creating environment for the another advanced information technologies. At the University of Technology in Košice he reads under graduate and graduate courses on Computer System Architectures, Computers and Computer Network Services, Parallel Computer Systems and Supercomputers, Data Flow Systems.  



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