Csaba Szabó

Academic degrees:
Ing., PhD.
Job Title:
Assistant professor
Csaba.Szabo at tuke.sk
+421 55 602 4120
+421 55 63 301 15
139B (in building V4)

Technical University of Košice

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

Department of Computers and Informatics

Letná 9

042 00  Košice


Consulting hours:  Based on agreement by e-mail

  • Database Systems
  • Programming
  • Computer Graphics
  • Database Systems
  • Introduction to Programming and Internet
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Systems for Computer Aided Engineering
  • Technologies of Information System Development I.
  • Technologies of Information System Development II.
  • Technologies of Information System Development III.
  • Technologies of Software Projects II.

Research  interests
  • Behavioral Description of Software
  • Information Systems and Web Services
  • Software and Test Evolution
  • Testing and Evaluation of Software

  • Membership
    • a member of Slovak Society for Applied Cybernetics and Informatics (SSACI)

    Professional publications
    Contributor to the dictionary (listed as reviewer for the Slovak language): Multilingual dictionary of artificial intelligence, Zdenek Broz (Author), Petr Dostal (Author), Salem Abdel-Badeeh (Editor), eISBN: 978-80-7204-801-4, Publisher: CERM (July 1, 2012), Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

    • [2011-2012] KEGA Project No. 040TUKE-4/2011: Modern Software Engineering in Education - Proposal of the Structure and Realization of Actual Software Engineering Subjects for Informatics Study Programme at Technical Universities
    • [2009-2011] VEGA Project No. 1/0646/09: Large Graphical Data Processing in Parallel, Distributed amd Network Computer Systems
    • [2008-2010] VEGA Project No. 1/0175/08: Behavioural Categorical Models for Complex Programm Systems
    • [2008] VEGA Project No. 1/0350/08: Knowledge-Based Software Life Cycle and Architectures
    • [2008] VEGA Project No. 1/3136/06: Research of Parallel, Distributed and Network Computer Systems Applications to Solve Computational Processes in an Area of Large Graphical Data Volumes Processing
    • [2005-2007] VEGA Project No. 1/2176/05: Technologies for Agent-based and Component-based Distributed Systems Lifecycle Support
    • [2003-2004] VEGA Project No. 1/9026/02: Formal Specification of the Software Life Cycle Processes


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